Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Heber:

With a new little sister and a few extra stresses, Heber has probably felt a little lost in the shuffle of our ever changing lives, so this post is dedicated solely to him.....the BEST big brother and all around kiddo any family could ask for.
I love the way you take such good care of your little Adele. It is nice that you protect her and watch out for her, even if it means correcting mama when you suspect I am getting grumpy with her. Thank you for reminding me to tell her that I am sorry and for sending me to "the put your nose in the corner TIME OUT" when I need it.

You are so good at karate. It makes me so happy to watch you and to see how much you enjoy accomplishing big things. We are so proud of you for earning your orange stripe. We know you have worked very hard for that special award and think that you are so big for showing such good discipline.
(Heber has been working for quite some time to earn that orange stripe on the tip of his belt. It is achieved for showing good discipline so earning this is very noteworthy for an active 5 year old boy. )

Part of showing good discipline in karate class is addressing each black belt as Yes Mam or Yes Sir.....
On the way home from Karate on this particular day Heber asked me if he could tell daddy when he got home. When I said yes, he corrected me and told me that I now needed to say
I cannot wait to watch you try out your new t-ball skills coming up in a couple of weeks. Mommy was so proud of you when you hit the ball for me to see at your school. You are so full of energy and love to play and be involved. I hope you are always able to find things that make you happy.
Guscoff baseball must see the video posted below!!
(Ted Guscoff taught these little guys some great baseball tips. He is a scout for the Houston Astros.)

You are such a smart boy. Mom and Dad are so happy that you had so much fun at Westbrook and that you learned so much. I loved to hear from your teacher that you were such a good friend, not only to your "best boys" but also to those who needed a good friend, even when they were mean to you. Preschool is just the beginning for you little man. I cannot wait to see the many great thing that you have left to accomplish. "Kid, you will move mountains" just like in your favorite bedtime story. Please never question your great potential.
Thank you for letting me come to your birthday party, even though I almost lost that privilege many times for misbehaving. I had a lot of fun playing with you and watching you enjoy your friends and family.
(This super duper birthday gets it's very own post to follow. Watch out for 15 jumping kids, 2 very special visitors,
and 1 baseball glove prepped and ready for those foul balls!)
Each May 23, I think of the day you were born. You were forced to come into this world before you were ready so that my body could not be so sick little Knight in shining armor. I will never forget the first time I heard you cry or the first time I saw your sweet little face, so strong and so alive.....not much has changed in your 5 years in this life. You are as much a miracle to me today as you were to me that day.
We love you and are so proud of you.
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you
Adele Fae Olson
March 31, 2010
okay so it's been 2 months.....I've been a little busy!!
6 lb 13 oz.................19.25 inches long

Such a BEAUTIFUL girl

Holding my pretty lady for the first time

SMITTEN!! All 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of this baby

Since daddy had to exhaust all of his time off for his own surgeries this year, Adele got to work with daddy right from the start dictating and charting.

"You are so much beautiful."

A proper sendoff orthopedic surgery style

Welcome home baby Adele. Heber did not want to leave her side for a minute.
I'm just noticing the socks....this is why mommies can't be in the hospital too long!!