Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So after a little prauding from Peterson's Periodical Postings, I have finally come on board. I asked Heber what kind of picture I should put on first and he said "popcorn." I guess he was probably asking for some to eat, but I suppose since he is the "boss" that this was a great way to start.


Danette said...

I'm so glad you are up and blogging. This way I can see that cute boy daily if I want. Rachel, I love your pic. You are a hottie.
I'm definitely putting you on my favorites. I'm also pumped to be the first to comment on your blog!
Can't wait to see what is next...

Frank said...

Very interesting.

I might have to get directions from you on how to do such a nice blog. 'Course Leaf will probably end up doing it.

Terri Weidler said...

Lil Rach,
Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!! Just waite if you think two is terrible three, four and five can be more challenging.... Good luck to you all in the next stages of life. Keep in touch