Sunday, December 9, 2007

"No Way Santa Clause!"

Heber and I went to the mall on Saturday to do some final Christmas shopping. We walked by Santa Clause 4 or 5 times and each time Heber said he didn't want to see him. When I finally thought we were getting out of that place we walked past Santa one last time on our way to the door and Heber suddenly got very excited and said he wanted to see him. I asked him over and over if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap and he said "yep....lap.....Santa Clause" so we waited in line. How can I say no to that cute little face? I knew we would wait forever, which we did (I guess 20 min isn't forever) and we would get to him and Heber would freak out, which he did. As soon as we got to the front of the line Heber flew up in my arms as fast as he could. Santa asked him to sit on his lap and Heber looked at him with his best nursery song frowny face and then said
He stayed in my arms and then told Santa when he was asked what he wanted for Christmas that he wanted a drum.
WHAT.....this is new to me?
All I have been hearing about for the last 2 months is Cars and Buzz. Hmm......what to do now?


Ashlee said...

Well if he doesn't get all he asks for he will just continue asking fot the next year. So good luck with that, although there is a cute little drum set at kb toys. and it was pretty cheep.

Chad and Amy Jensen said...

Hi Rachel,

It was a nice surprise to hear from you and see that things are going well for your family. I am in Kansas working on a PhD in clinical child psychology. Only two years to go. E-mail me sometime at and I'll give you a more detailed update...


Lola said...

That is too funny!

If I were you, I'd break out a few Tupperware bowls and wooden spoons. Ta Da! Home made drum set that didn't cost a thing.

Danette said...

just tell grandma that he want's drums for christmas and i'm sure he'll get some! i wish i could have been there to see heber and santa. i guess he will have another shot at it sat. at the church party!