Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh where, oh where

has my Spidey gone? Heber has been nearly devestated for over a week now. His Spiderman went missing in the furniature store when we were looking at couches and after many people searching high and low we have decided to call it off. Poor little Heber. He earned it fair and sqaure with all his tickets won at the arcade on our vacation and now it is gone for good. What is a 2-year-old to do?
I bet he could give his mommy a "big kiss" and maybe even the famous pout to go with it and she might be able to come up with something!


Laura said...

I love his little pout! I'd find him a new Spidey, too, in exchange for that adorable pout.

Danette said...

You are the queen of finding the "non existing" item in stores. I'm sure you will run into a replica soon.