Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Say Trick or Treat"

Look at all these goods!! He got pretty good at saying "say trick or treat" (It is so funny when they copy you word for word). You won't believe this but he has not asked for one peice of candy since we got home on Friday night. I haven't even hidden the bucket. I don't know who is eating it all, but it is almost gone!! Heber has never been one to wear a costume (or pants and socks and shoes for that matter) so we didn't plan too much in the way of a Halloween getup. On Wednesday night at the ward trunk or treat we made him a Boise State fan (which was not received well among all of the Ohio State fans). He got a little jealous once he saw all the other kids in costumes and decided he wanted to dress up too. His timing couldn't have been better. On Thursday the Power Ranger was 80% off at Disney Store!


Danette said...

Heber looks HUGE. I can't believe how tall he is. I personally LOVE the Boise outfit. Go Broncos!!
I'm glad you found something he could wear trick-or-treating. Are you sure you don't know who is eating all the candy??? wink wink.

Carr Family said...

Wow, he hasn't even asked for candy? That is awesome. I don't think Ali has any chocolate left in her bucket...hummmm, not sure who ate it all. ;)