Saturday, February 14, 2009

a whole lot of LOVIN goin on

Heber and I had a great time making valentines for everyone this year. We went to the family fun website and Heber pointed out which ones he wanted to make. I think they all turned out very fun.
For our primary and nursery friends at playgroup

For my teachers at school....complete with Raspberry Hot Cocoa and a mini bag of Marsmellows

And for my friends at preschool......these were our favorite valentines to make.


Danette said...

Look at you, all crafty and everything!
I loved the crayon idea. I'm not sure Keion's friends would appreciate it but perfect for the little ones. You are so amazing and always come up with the best ideas.
Too bad you didn't post this sooner, all the kids in my class need pencils and I would have been tempted to do those for them, oh well.
Hope you have a great Valentine's Day.

Natalie said...

Wow, you're sure creative! I never do anything for Valentine's ... now I have a few good ideas for next year. :)

Laura said...

Those are some dang cute Valentine's!

Carr Family said...

Oh, I love all the Valentines you made. I might just have to steal some of them for next year. We were totally boring this year with just the plain paper ones you buy at the store. But you have motivated me...well maybe. :)

Ashlee said...

Look at you get all crafty!