Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can't we all just GET ALONG

I learned another lesson today from my 3-year-old about why we have been asked to "become as a little child"

I walked up the stairs and heard some very loud playing coming from Heber's toy room. I peeked my head around the corner and observed silently as the following scene unfolded.

Heber sitting on the floor playing with his batman toys. Batman, on a motorcycle, in one hand, and Joker, in the batmobile, in the other. The next thing I see is the 2 toys racing toward one another at full speed (or at least as fast as his little hands could go) and there is an expolsive crash of plastic and bodies go flying everywhere!! Heber immediately jumps up and grabs Robin, (the innocent bystander) who runs first to Joker:

Robin: Joker, are you okay? Oh, I hope you are okay!!!!!
Joker: Yes I am fine but we have to get Batman.

The two of them run to where Batman is by the ballpit:

Joker: Batman, I am so sorry!! I not meanin to crash you!!
Batman: I'm happy to see you Joker. I love Joker and Robin.
Robin: Hello Batman. Let's go play with Joker.

I think that all played out quite nicely don't you? I wish he could always see the world in this light.


Carr Family said...

Ok, that is the cutest thing! What a sweet little boy!!!

Ashlee said...

Oh i love it when kids are so sweet and cute. Why can't they all be like that ALL the time.

Jeff and Larissa said...

What an inspiring exchange! The world could learn a lesson.

I'm glad you commented on my blog because I didn't have a link to yours. It's fun to read what you guys have been up to. Heber is too adorable!

Kyle and Jonna said...

That cracked me up! How funny! You have a cute little boy. What good insight! :)

Michael and Cordie said...

He sounds so cute and fun! Love little boys!!!!!! I can't believe that was your friend in Kirtland, small world!!! I loved Kirtland, and I can't believe you only live an hour away.