Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And then you find yourself

The other day Ben and I were talking about where we would like to live when all of this is said and done. We could both agree that we wanted to be somewhere closer to "home" to which Heber added, "we are home."

This got me thinking a little about what it means to be HOME. Ben and I call Idaho home. Ohio is the only home Heber has ever known.

We miss the mountains, and blue sky, and dry heat. We miss the sound of the train running through town several times throughout the day and night. We miss a good ride on the 4-wheeler or a day on north beach.

Home however, is more than the familiar walls you grow up in; more than the climate and the landscape around you. Home is being with the people you love.

We miss our family the most. I often find myself feeling bad that Heber can't play with his cousins every day or go to grandpas house for a popcicle or to the drug store to visit grandma. But then I watch his eyes light up as he spots his buddies on the way to primary. I see one of the older men in the ward get down and give him a handshake and a "how are you today buddy." I feel a warm arm wrap around my shoulders and see the smiling faces of those around me, and I realize that Heber is right, we are home. For right now, we are home.

"My best friends"
Tyler, Heber, and Kaleb
Massillon Ward Campout 2009

The day we pulled out of Bear Lake in the U-haul Ben promised me we wouldn't go any further east than Missouri. I was not surprised 2-years later when we loaded up and moved to Ohio.

I am sure we would have had a great experience and made great friends in any place we decided to venture to. I am grateful however that he did not keep that promise to me. This has been a great place to call HOME.


Natalie said...

Your post made me miss you guys even more!!!! I guess "home" is where your heart is......

josie said...

I have such similar sentiments. We always contemplate moving back 'home'. I hate it when there are family get-togethers I can't attend and I miss all the open spaces.
But the church embraces you where ever you are, it's all a matter of how you look at your surroundings.
Thanks for the post. It's good to know there are other homebodies spread out and about.

Ashlee said...

He will always call those kids his friends no matter where you end up. Sence we moved to Arizona Jaysa has made friends, now she will say that she wan'ts to got to Utah to play with friends or to the other side of town to play with old friends, but kids addapt really fast to where ever you end up. and as long as you have the church you will find more family and friends. It's funny how smart our kids really are!

buckeyebaby said...

I knew the moment I saw you in Relief society with 5 month old Heber, that our boys would be good friends. I am so happy that our paths have crossed, and that we could be part of your "home away fom home". And since most of my family lives out West, you won't get away from us so easily when the time comes! We will just have to make another stop when we are out that way!

David and Company said...

You are right "home" is where you and your family are. We were talking about this the other day and that we each need our own place to call home. Finally I am finding myself refering to Blackfoot as home. BL is a great place and it is nice to go to my "home" and visit, but you can make a great home no matter where you are...we do wish you would move closer because we miss you guys like CRAZY. Harlee asked me the other day when we were going to get on an airplane and visit her friend that lives "far away"...maybe it is time hu?