Wednesday, October 14, 2009 it has been a while

It isn't like we haven't had anything else though to keep us busy.

1. First day of school

2. Another major surgery

3. Two trips across the country (one of which I didn't think I was going to survive)

4. A wedding

5. A chance to finally say goodbye to someone very special

6. And a few times around on a roller coaster

I have proof of all of this in pictures which will soon follow this post.......until then however,

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Natalie said...

Mysterious........ nice approach!

Laura said...

Oh Congratulations!! So exciting!

Danette said...

That is awesome!! The only sad part is that we won't be close enough to snuggle with Heber and the baby whenever we want to.
Keep the updates coming on all family members, we worry about Ben too.

David and Company said...

Yeah!!!! I am so excited for you!!! I have really been thinking about you alot lately. Email me your phone number so I can call you.

Thompson Three said...

Very creative way of telling. Your mom told me what Heber said about the ultrasound looking like a mess. Too funny!! Hope Ben is feeling better now that you're home and a little further out of surgery.

Schad fam said...

Congratulations! Im so excited for you!

Jen A. said...

Congratulations!! Heber is going to be a fantastic big brother. Keep us posted, especially if you find out boy or girl!!

Jeff and Larissa said...

Yay!!! Congratulations! Do you want a girl this time, or a brother for Heber? We're so excited for you guys!

Ashlee said...

Congrats!!!! So fun for did.