Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kiai (Hi-Yah)

We finally did it. For a while now I have debated with myself about putting Heber in Karate. I knew it was something he would love, I just also knew he was already very aggressive and did not need any further encouragement to be so.

I decided to take the plunge anyway and was not at all surprised on the first day when he absolutely loved it. He was so excited about the "ninja suit" and being with the other kids and especially yelling a very enthusiastic "Kiai "(I mean up on his toes yelling). I was shocked however at how well he listened and followed direction (maybe I need to become a black belt for more success with this at home). I thought maybe it was first day jitters but now 4 sessions in, Heber seems to be really grasping not only the beginning skills of Karate but also the art of the respect and discipline that encompasses it. I am happy that he enjoys it and that he has not tried out any moves on anyone at school!

Today he learned a competitive game they will be playing at a tournement coming up in March. He didn't do too bad......he came out feeling like he was a winner. After class was over he ran to me with a bright green flyer advertising the upcoming tournement and told me he won a "Paper trophy"....... I love it!!!!


Natalie said...

HIIIIYA! I'll have to spar the little guy. (I'm in Karate too) lol

Do you watch Seinfeld? The episode where Kramer takes karate and beats up on all the little kids.... "We're all on the same skill level" HAHHAA. Classic.

David and Company said...

he is so cute!!! Miss you guys.

Julie said...

I've always wanted my boys to get into that-how fun! Thanks for your comments, sounds like we are in the same boat. Good luck with everything! You'll have to post all about it!

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