Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas came early!

I feel like there is no greater gift I could be given for Christmas this year than the gift I got this morning. Heber said something to me that I have been waiting for 2.5 years to hear him say and he did it without my prodding.

"I love you" or something like that (I know what he was trying to say) accompanied by a big bear hug. The smile on my face is ear to ear buddy. Thank you for making mommies day!

Looks like McDonalds for you today!


Danette said...


Ashlee said...

Hey Rachel you have know idea who I am...but I married Adam Phelps. I think that he would like you to see what he has created over the last 6 years. We have a blog as well, it is blocked so if you would send me an email to I can send you and invite. You have a cute little one! Congrats on the new Doc!

Mad Hadder said...

Well Hello! Hello!!! I love the internet!!!!! It makes the world a small cozy little fireside chat doesn't it??? I'll have to go read your entire blog soon! Congrats to Ben! Are you doing residency there or have you moved? Let's catch up! Are you coming home for Christmas? Hi to James!