Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If you chance to meet a frown!


Lola said...

That is seriously so adorable! My girls loved it!

Danette said...

Oh Heber- you little doll face. The frowny face is the best. I can't believe he was performing so well, did you bribe him with something? Personally Rachel, your singing was the best (but don't tell Heber!).

Darin and Jen said...

Hey Rachel, loved the video. You need to let me know how to do a You Tube! Your blog is so cute, I need to take lessons.
We missed you guys for Thanksgiving. Aspen was bummed that Heber wasn't coming over for Thanksgiving. She didn't want to be "just us", but we ended up having a very nice day. Hopefully you did the same!

Rebecca said...

this is random, but i saw your comment on laura's blog and decided to look at yours. this is becky smith from BL too. it sounds like life has taken you all over...it sounds like fun. anyway it is so fun to check in on people i know from home. your little boy is so adorable and mine commented when he saw the picture, "who is that? i haven't been to his house, maybe i can go!" my last name is robbins now and my link in on laura's blog under robbins family, i think.

Lola said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to cause such a stir by my little comment. I like to maintain a certain amount of anonymity when posting comments on others' blogs. But not so much that someone couldn't figure out who I am with a little detective work. Hence the nickname, Lola.

At any rate, I'm glad you found Marilyn. Isn't she great? I saw her after Mrs. Pedersen's funeral and had a really great conversation with her.

But enough of that. Keep the posts coming. I can't get enough of Heber. He is too cute!!