Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is it SPRING yet??

It takes more than 6 inches of cold snow on the ground to take Heber's eyes off of the swingset outside. It's a tough job, but somebody has go to do it!
After working very hard to clean that slide off I finally got to enjoy a great ride to the bottom. The only landing spot that could be any better than a pile of cold snow is a big muddy puddle!!
These pictures were taken earlier this week before we reached arctic -32 degrees temperatures. I think we have finally found the key to keeping Heber off of the slide.....I would play on the swingset all day though if we could only just be warm!!


Danette said...

Girl, I'm feelin' your pain with the sub degree temps. What the?? I wouldn't mind so much but I haven't seen the sun in months, no joke. For the love, just let me see the sun.
Hebe is so cute, Kylan just came up behind me to see, he said "ahh, little Hebe!"
Miss you guys.

Carr Family said...

I bet you guys live outside when it's not freezing huh? I can't believe how cold it gets there. That is so crazy!

ANDY and MANDY said...

I would almost think you were back in BL. Boys are amazing! Hope you are all doing well! Take care!

Michael and Cordie said...

Thanks for letting me know you look at my blog, it is always nice to know who looks. How are you surviving winter? Everyone here tells me that this is the worst winter they have had in 25 years. I can't believe how cold it is, I am dying! Hope all is well!

Natalie said...

-32!!? And I thought Bear Lake got bad! You are one brave woman. :)