Friday, January 9, 2009


Top 10 reasons for loving Heber:
(at least for today anyway!)

1. Just look at that face!

2. He says things like "whats coming this noise?" (what is that noise?) and "oh, I sawey" (oh, I'm sorry).

3. He wanders around all day singing to himself or anyone that will listen...his current favorite is still Jingle Bells. He is especially great at throwing in that "HEY" after singing "one horse open sleigh."

4. He loves to be read to at night.

5. He is a major tease....getting Ben's goat is on his daily agenda.

6. He makes every day an adventure complete with sword fights, gun shootouts, wrestelmania, basketball finals, car races, tower construction, couch sailing (they do make great boats), bat and snake safaris, and at least one chance a day to save the world as one of the many superheros taking over his toy room.

7. He gives me hugs and kisses at the doorway to his classroom when I drop him off and pick him up.

8. He burrows into his covers at night so far that you can barely see the top of his little head.

9. He never gives up (even when mom and dad are threatening time out....or the many other means of discipline we have exhausted).

10. He is a miniature version of his father.....what is not to love about that?!


Danette said...

It's about time!!
That picture is sooo cute of Heber. He looks too big to be the boy I know.
I just came across a picture of Hebe and Kylan when we were watching him one day. It is too cute. Miss you guys.

ANDY and MANDY said...

Oh how true! I hope you had a great christmas and the new year is treating you well!

Lflinders said...

Rachel, I've said it more than once, Him and braden would make such good friends. So far today we've "gone fishin" "wrestled" "had on power ranger costume" & played games. Bradens favorite song is also jingle bells, but the batman version. Heber is darling. YOu should move to utah so they can play.

josie said...
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josie said...

This is an adorable photo. He is so very lucky too to have a mother who adores him.

Carr Family said...

That picture is tooo cute! He's a keeper!!

Schad fam said...

What a sweet boy! I love having little boys! Only one of them is a mamma's boy however, but I eat it up. Its the best!

Lisa said...

I love Heber because he leaves me sweet messages on my machine...and he roars at me like whatever animal or superhero he is at the moment. He also knows how to get his mom's goat, which I think is awesome! Love you guys and miss you more. Lisa