Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home of the BRAVE

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

There truly aren't words enough to adequately say thank you to the many men and women who protect this country and all that it means to be an American. We truly are very blessed by your service. Thank you!

(Grandpa Brick) Morris Woolstenhulme
United States Army
World War II--South Pacific

(Little Grandpa) Glen Hyrum Smith
United States Army
World War II--Stateside

John Heber Olson
United States Army National Guard
Iraq 2005.......Leaving again 2010
Not pictured is Ben's grandpa Leland Stanford (Jinx) who served this country, a pilot himself, training pilots during World War II.
I look at the beautiful flag in red, white, and blue, place my hand on my chest, and feel my heart swell with pride because of you. I am proud to say people I love so much have worked so hard to defend my freedom. I love you.


Natalie said...

Awesome post!!

Strange Blog said...

Great post, Rachel. I love your old photos. I need to get some of my grandparents! Hope you are doing well!