Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A long time coming

We were so excited to go back home to Idaho in September. Ben had just had surgery and we probably should not have made the trip but it was so nice to see everyone and to enjoy the company of family for a couple of weeks.
Thank you Aunt Dayna for giving us a reason to come home. We were grateful for the opportunity we had to celebrate your special wedding day with you and Marc. Look how great those Olson (Homer) grandbabies look!! We need to give those boys a reason to wear ties more often.

I always swore I wouldn't be one of "those" moms who let there kids play video games. Let me just tell you how happy I am to eat those words. This little gem made our flight time and 3 hour layover in Denver seem like Heaven.
Heber loved playing with the grandparents and all the cousins. He had to earn a little money while we were home and decided to help grandpa fix the door. He also played around outside each day while grandpa picked up the many apples falling from the trees. That counts as help right?
My Grandpa passed away in May soon after Ben's first surgery. I didn't make the trip home to the funeral. I finally got a chance to say goodbye while we were there. It was nice to spend a little time in that beautiful place on the hill. We love you grandpa and grandma.
One of the reasons I will always love home. How beautiful is that lake!!

Heber even got to experiene the first snowfall of the season. As you can see, this was not a good old "Bear Laker" but nonetheless it snowed in September and Heber thought that was great.