Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yesterday we went swimming at a wading pool with some friends. Heber had so much fun. He kept giving me that very thankful look, you know the one that is just screaming out.....FINALLY, YOU ARE GETTING ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!!

Isaac, Heber, and Kaleb (dressed to the hilt). I am pretty sure that Isaac is helping his little guy there to take a dive and there is Heber running off with somebody's water shoe.

"I am going to splash and splash and splash Tucker whether he likes it or not!! Look at all my great tools. He doesn't stand a chance!"

I really don't know how these two little guys survived without each other before we moved to OH...grantid they were both only 2 months at the time, but they were just meant to be friends.

Oops.......I didn't think about putting sunscreen DOWN THERE!!! I am sure he will just love me for this one someday. Too cute to resist!


Danette said...

Keion and I are sitting here in tears. Heber's little bum is too cute. Keion said that is going to hurt pretty bad to wipe...ouch!
Those were fun. Way to keep cool in the hot weather, at least I see why you are too busy to call me (wink wink)!

Landon and Stacie said...

Wow, somebody is practicing to be a plumber. I don't know if you got my letter on facebook, but I hope all is well and you are guys are enjoying your little artist! Drop me a line at,
Nice to see you guys
Check you later.

Landon and Stacie Rigby