Monday, September 10, 2007

Hey batter batter!

Much to Ben's dismay Heber loves baseball. When we found out we were having a boy I got so excited about little league baseball. Ben is more of a pigskin fan.
Heber has pretty good form for a 2 year old.


Danette said...

Your husband must be a rich Ortho Doc. You already have your own batting cage! Tell Ben not to worry, with Heber's size there is no doubt he is going to be the star football player. What does Ben think about singlets? I also see wrestling in this kids future!!

Melanie said...

Hey! Dylan loves baseball too, which as you know is not Cody's sport. He will play soccer too :). He wants to play football but after Cody's stories from the peds er I am not so sure!!! Dylan asked me if it would be ok if he played for the NFL in the car one day-he said "you know mom, I will be on the road a lot and you will miss me but I will come back to visit when I can!!" Unfortunately he wants to play for the Florida Gators in the NFL-something doesn't quite fit :).