Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I was really hoping a few months ago that we were past this stage but they have resurfaced. I really should have hidden the DVD. Yes, we actually bought one while we were in Idaho and were staying at a place with no TV. Does anyone else out there feel my pain?


Danette said...

Sorry Rachel, my big obstacle was Steve, from Blues Clues. He holds nothing compaired to the Doodlebops. Just looking at them tells me all I ever need to know.

Melanie said...

Hey! That makes me laugh, Madison just renewed her Doodlebops fetish! She loved them when we lived in Kirksville. I remember she had some red shoes and a crown and she called them her tap tap shoes and she was Queen DeeDee (if you have seen as many episodes as we have-you'll know what I mean). It was the only thing she would watch on tv and when we moved to Utah I remember searching for a DVD to no avail-they weren't out yet so she cried most of the drive instead :). Anyway she found a DVD at the library and it was like an old lost friend!! We have Disney channel again but I must say that they have really glammed them up (wait do I watch way too much kids tv or what!!!!!) at least it keeps her entertained while her broken bones heal!! Then we are out being crazy again!!!