Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thank goodness for ebay! A couple of weekends ago Ben worked as the sideline doctor at a high school football game. Heber and I went and of course the "pwane" went with us. He accidentally dropped it and it slipped under the bleachers. By the time we got down there to retrieve it someone had swiped it. I walked around wanting to rip every little boy down there apart just knowing that one of them had it. I figured it would be easy enough to find one if Heber didn't forget about it.....He has enough toys in his playroom that he should be able to without problem. But, he has not. He has asked nonstope and wanders around aimlessly looking for it. I have checked every toy store and toy aisle I can think of and have not found the same "pwane." I couldn't even impress him with a different one no matter how many airplane sounds I made. I finally gave in and bought one on ebay. Hopefully the shipping doesn't take forever!


Danette said...

It's painful to have such a bright, intelligent, observant child that doesn't forget anything and knows just what he wants. Heber is such a smartie pants!!

Melanie said...

Sorry Rachel! Dylan still remembers his baby toys. I still have to sneak stuff out to clean out his room-otherwise we would be overwhelmed with happy meal toys!!!!