Wednesday, September 26, 2007

YES!!!! There is something more painful

than teaching a group of innocent 12-year-old girls about chastity and all the topics that come with it. If you can imagine anything worse than defining words that come with the morality lesson (yes, you know which ones I am talking about) for these sweet girls who just had to ask "what is that?" then you should be feeling that my thighs and back end are literally screaming at me right now. After yesterdays workout I have concluded that there is something more painful. WOW I was not ready for this. After attending the class for almost 2 months I was hoping that my body would be able to handle Jodie's surprises a little better than this.

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Danette said...

ok, so I'm not alone when I say I have HELLacious pain in my inner thighs and butt cheeks. There is no way I can go on Thurs., I'm barely going to recover for my run on Sat. At least I'll have an excuse if I run poorly!